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Hussein El- Hamidani Office, Certified Accountants & Auditors- is a professional institution, License No. 543- issued by Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants, for providing accounting and auditing services. The office provides services of Zakat, Tax, internal and external auditing as well as economic feasibility studies and a bunch of advisory, financial and administrative services. All these services provided by a highly qualified teamwork with diverse excellent experiences.


To be one of the best and the most excellent professional institutions of accounting, auditing and advisory field in KSA.


Providing our services by an excellent team works in accordance with the highest quality and professionality to which our clients looking forward, and by which adds values and meets their needs.

Our Values

Professionality & Quality
Integrity & Honesty
Dependence & Transparency
Excellence & Support

Services Provided

Financial & Administrative Advisory

Our office provides a set of high efficient administrative and financial advisory services, e.g. preparing feasibility study, assessing, liquidation of companies and inventory of estates.

Internal Audit

We establish and assess systems and procedures of financial and administrative control, and governance systems; and check their efficiency and appropriateness, and the extent of adhering them as well as suggest developments for avoiding any potential risks. Besides, evaluation of organizational plan in terms of defining responsibilities and distinguish different conflicting specialties.

Zakat & Tax

Our expertise helps provide the best and appropriate services for our clients, in accordance with laws and instructions of Zakat and Tax field, and helps them prepare and follow- up their Zakat & tax returns; and answer their inquiries, represent clients in procedures of objections an appealing to assessment of General Authority for Zakat & Income Tax.

Accounting Record- Keeping

Business environment constantly changes. Thus, it could be difficult to keep up with all new accounting- related laws and regulations regarding the institutions. Getting help from qualified external resources is a good option, as we provide the service for good cost and at high quality that helps business men to get rid of the financial and administrative burdens related to accounting records- keeping as well as saving their time. We also help them concentrate on developing and growing their business through attaining needed financial information and reports timely, that enables administrators to take right decisions.

Specific- Purpose Reports & Judicial Accounting

We audit and examine the financial information needed for a number of institutions for different goals and purposes, and experience reports required by some courts and judicial authorities in accordance with agreed procedures, and issue neutral report showing the result of examination.

External Audit

We carefully and impartiality examine financial documents and records for checking the validity of financial statements and operations which have been done by the organization management during a specific financial period, for assuring that they have been in the right accounting direction and in compliance with the administrative systems and regulations, and in accordance accounting standards. Based on that examination, we express the opinion about how valid and fair the financial statements are. Furthermore, throughout auditing the financial statements, we examine the internal control system to issue the administration report on the effectiveness of this system and provide recommendations regarding the observations taken during the audit period.

Our Clients

Our office provides professional services for a range of variant distinguished clients at government authorities, national and foreign enterprises and institutions in all fields: commercial, health, educational…etc.

  • مركز نوثيق الملك عبد الله بن عبد العزيز
  • مكتبه الملك عبد العزيز العامه
  • شركه مصنع العربات و الآشغال الحديدية
  • مركز الملك عبد العزيز للحوار الوطني
  • هيئة المساحه الجيولوجيه السعوديه

Hussein El- Hamidani Office

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